How to use a second display for faster results?

how to use a second display?

Having two showcases snared to your PC rather than one can genuinely support your usefulness and open up a wide range of new alternatives for gaming, web perusing, and inventive errands—however, you don’t really have to go out and get yourself another screen. From Apple’s Sidecar to Google’s Chromecasting, you have a decision of wired … Read more

How to jump on TikTok trends in 2021?

So you have started posting videos on Tiktok and now you are ready to level up your game. One of the easiest ways to make your videos more fun and potentially get more views is to jump on trends. designs, rewards videos that use certain trend sounds, effects, or hashtags. These videos are more likely … Read more

How to Lock Images in Google Photos

how to lock google photos

Google just released a new feature in Google Photos that lets you hide your sensitive images from prying eyes. Available first on Pixel devices and later this year on more Android devices, the new Locked Folder allows you to save photos you don’t have. The photos stored there are protected by your device’s screen lock … Read more