How to Lock Images in Google Photos

how to lock google photos

Google just released a new feature in Google Photos that lets you hide your sensitive images from prying eyes. Available first on Pixel devices and later this year on more Android devices, the new Locked Folder allows you to save photos you don’t have. The photos stored there are protected by your device’s screen lock … Read more

11 Ways to Fix – AirPods Connected but no Sound with iPhone, Mac, Windows 10, Chromebook

AirPods is one of the most popular inventions by Apple. With the launch of AirPods, most Apple fans are giving priority to this wireless device compared to other costly headphones. With so many amazing features people expect fewer issues from such a product. But no product is made perfect, as there are minor mistakes during … Read more

The most effective method to Back Up Your Photos and Videos to More Than One Place

The conventional proverb is that you need to have three duplicates of your significant documents to secure yourself against information misfortune, yet the greater part of us settle for two with regards to our computerized photographs and recordings. Here’s the reason you should set up a third arrangement of duplicates, how it can work, and … Read more

10 Essential Ways to Make the Most of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has for some time been quite possibly the most famous informing applications in the business, yet a great deal has changed since Facebook repurchased the organization in 2014. In case you’re utilizing WhatsApp to deal with the heft of your every day discussions, these 10 hints will assist you with getting of the application—change … Read more