How to use a tiktok video template easily in 2021?

You can create a great video on TikTok without doing anything other than talking to the camera. However, if you want to do something a bit more elegant or are still unsure whether you can fix your video yourself, then you can start with something. the pre-made templates that come with the application.

How to use a TikTok video template easily in 2021?

Templates make it easy to create complex, animated videos; Just place your own photos and/or videos on the template and you’re done. , add your own text, sounds, effects, etc.

Here’s how to start using a template:

Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to start a new video

Select “Templates.” (You’ll find it next to the “Camera” label at the bottom of the screen.)

Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

Select the “Templates” link at the bottom right.

Swipe through the prepared templates that came with the app. Last I checked, I had 11, but the number can vary.

Each template has a descriptive name and underneath it tells you how many photos you can use with the template, some have a minimum and a maximum (say two to five photos) while others simply have a maximum. (up to, say, five photos). When you see one that you like, tap the large Select Photos button. You will be directed to the photo area of ​​your device.

Don’t worry that you’ll forget how many photos you can use; you’ll find the number in the lower left of your screen.

Each template can use a certain number of photos.

Select the photos that you want to include.

As soon as TikTok has finished processing the photos, they will be dropped into the template

From here, you can make some additional changes. For example, you can add stickers, tweak the effects, or add a voiceover.

The rest of the process of saving and posting a TikTok video is the same as always.

It may take a few seconds to process the images.

Once your photos incorporated into the template, you can continue to tweak the video.

But what if you don’t like any of the templates? There are a variety of free templates and tools offered by a variety of companies and developers like Zoomerang and Canva but be warned: while these and other services may offer free templates may need to deal with watermarks. , Advertising, or any other add-on you’d rather avoid.

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