How to Turn Off “Shared With You” on Mac & iPhone: macOS Monterey and iOS 15

In some apps like Photos, Podcasts, Safari, Apple TV, Apple News, etc., you should see the Shared with your section. More specifically, this feature creates shared content such as links, photos, videos in messages in your respective app, whatever you are, so if you want to go back and see the photo, videos or messages again, just open this app and search The “Shared with You” section instead of scrolling through the message chat.

With the new macOS Monterey and iOS 15, Apple released the “Shared With You” feature, making it easier to view and access content that has been shared with you via the Messages app. If you are on the latest or newer version of macOS Monterey and iOS 15 or later.

This step-by-step article shows you how to remove Shared With You on any iPhone, Mac if you really don’t want to use it. Start by knowing what’s being shared with you and if you’re not happy with it Just turn it off worth it, iPhone: how does it work and how to turn it off?

Shared with you is a root that starts in the Messages app and extends to various apps like Photos, Messages, Podcasts, Safari, and more. Basically, if the content is shared with you via the news application and belongs to one of the applications mentioned. , it is displayed directly in the respective application, identified by the section Shared with you.


The shared with You section can be turned off for all apps at once, as well as for particular apps. We’ve clearly mentioned a separate stepwise guide to disable Shared with You for all apps and individual apps too.

how to turn off shared with you

For All Apps:

Launch Messages app in Mac.

Click on Messages in the top menu bar.

Go to Preferences. messages-preferences-on-mac

Select the Shared with You tab.shared-with-you-section-in-messages-app-preferences-on-mac

Click the Turn Off… button to disable the Shared with You feature in Mac.


For Particular App:

Open Messages app in Mac.

In the top menu bar, click on the Messages label.

Select Preferences.

Go to the Share with You tab.

Uncheck the Apps like Podcasts, TV, Safari, Photos, or more, if any, of which you don’t want to receive the Shared with You content.


For All Apps:

Launch the Settings App.

Swipe down the list and tap on the Messages app.

There look for the Shared with You, tap on it.


Toggle Automatic Sharing Off.enable-or-disable-shared-with-you-content-from-messages-to-other-app-on-iphone

For Individual Apps:

Open the Settings App.

Go to the Messages App.

Tap Shared with You.

You can turn off Shared with You for the apps which are available in the list, like Photos, Podcasts, Safari, Music, TV, etc.

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