How to Enable Bluetooth Without a Keyboard or Mouse on Mac

There are many cases when you need to enable Bluetooth without a keyboard and mouse. For example, if you rely heavily on a wireless keyboard and mouse and Bluetooth has stopped working, then how would you turn on Bluetooth without a mouse or trackpad? In your case, if you accidentally turned off Bluetooth, all Bluetooth devices will be disconnected from the Mac. To turn off Bluetooth, you have to try the trick below.

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If Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, the only alternative is to troubleshoot the Bluetooth connectivity issues and fix the problem. Let’s see how to enable BluetHow to Turn On Bluetooth without a Keyboard or Mouse or Trackpad on Mac?ooth without a keyboard or mouse on Mac.

How to Turn On Bluetooth without a Keyboard or Mouse or Trackpad on Mac?



Use Siri Command: Hey Siri while connected to Headphone. Make sure Hey Siri is enabled from your Mac system Preferences settings. If not, then follow the below steps,

Click on Apple Logo from top Mac Menu > System Preferences.

Next, Click on Siri.

And Select the “Enable Ask Siri” checkbox.

Also, Select Checkbox “Listen for “Hey Siri” on Headphones”.

Any Say “Hey Siri, Turn on Bluetooth” in Headphone microphone, and Your mac will turn on Bluetooth without mouse and Keyboard.


That’s it.


It is hard to discover a stressed keyboard at this time; maximum humans have already switched to wi-fi devices; Whether keyboard, mouse, or headphones, the whole lot is wi-fi. Of course, on account that Bluetooth does now no longer paintings properly, wi-fi peripherals are useless; However, you could attempt organizing a stressed keyboard and connecting the USB cable to the Mac.

Connect Keyboard via USB to the Mac.

Once the Mac detects the keyboard, launch Spotlight Search by pressing Command+Space Bar.

Search Bluetooth File Exchange in the spotlight search.

Press Return.

When you select Bluetooth File Exchange, a pop-up will ask you to enable Bluetooth if it is disabled.

Select Turn Bluetooth On.

Use the Return key to enable Bluetooth.

Once the Bluetooth is enabled, the mouse and trackpad will auto-connect to Mac.


Can’t arrange the keyboard or mouse or trackpad? Then we’ve another workaround to turn on Bluetooth in Mac.

Close all your apps, documents, and programs after saving them.

Remove all the connected physical peripherals and devices like Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad, Printer, Headphone, etc., from the Mac.

Now Power Off the Mac. To do so, press and hold the power button until it turns off completely.
Wait for 1-2 minutes and then press and hold the Power button to turn on Mac.

Let the Mac boot up; after detecting no Bluetooth devices are connected to the Mac, Bluetooth Setup Assistant would come up and let you turn on Bluetooth.


Also, try to turn on Bluetooth after put your Mac in Safe mode. Still, you didn’t get any help fixing your Mac’s Bluetooth, then Reinstall MacOS [without Erase Data or Take Backup in Time machine].


The Best USB Bluetooth Adapter is available in all features like long-range connectivity and Easy Setup [Plug and connect]. Supported with all Headphones, accessories. Easy Setup and connect your Mouse and Keyboard.


Get free hardware support from Apple; Apple will repair or replace your Mac for free. If your Mac is under warranty, check your Mac’s warranty status online. Here’s a full guide on how to contact Apple Support and book an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar. If your hardware repair costs are high, I recommend using the external Bluetooth adapter explained in this tutorial.

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