How to back up your Gmail account?

While Gmail is the primary fall-back option for many when it comes to setting up and linking different accounts on the internet, there is a constant risk of getting the account compromised or rendering it inaccessible due to some reason. To keep the account and the emails accessible and retain its access if such circumstances were to take place, here are a few ways to backup your Gmail account.

1. Log into your Gmail account at
2. In the personal info & privacy section, click control your content.
3. Then, in the download or transfer your content section, locate download your data, then click create archive.
4. This will open a new page that presents you with dozens of Google tools that have data you can download, and because you only want your Gmail data, click select none at the top of the column.
5. Next scroll down and select just the option for mail.
6. Finally, you’ll be given various archive options, as well as a delivery mechanism. Choose how you want to save and receive, and you’ll get a link from Google that works for up to one week with instructions on how to download your archive.

Key Tips for Success When Backing Up Gmail

If you want to get the most out of your Gmail backup strategy, there are a few important tips you’ll need to follow, including:

Backup regularly. Some of the strategies listed above are most useful as a one-time backup option, but for users concerned with security and accessibility, this isn’t enough. You’ll want to make backups of your account regularly, whether you automatically back up your information at regular intervals, or whether you manually create backups occasionally.
Backup in multiple different ways. For maximum security, it pays to back up your messages in different ways. For example, you can download a local copy of your messages while also taking advantage of a cloud backup service. This way, you’re protected against the unlikely event of a cascade of different failures.

Automate whatever you can. Most people have trouble remembering to backup their Gmail account. Those who have no issue still must go through the time and effort to create backups. The correct way to address this issue is by automating everything you can; automation means you won’t have to consciously think about your effort, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting something. For example, you can use Google Sheets as a database and automatically update all the records about backup data there.

Research tools carefully. Before purchasing any tool designed to help you backup your Gmail account, do your research. Not all tools offer the same level of security, the same features, or the same reliability when it comes to backups.

Improve your security. While you’re improving the integrity of your account, spend some time upgrading your email security. Make sure you enable multi-factor authentication on your account, and choose a unique, strong password for it. Also use strong passwords for all your backup solutions, and consider using additional security measures when sending particularly sensitive emails.

Now that you know how to backup Gmail, if you use Gmail on a daily basis, you should spend time analyzing your habits so you can become a more effective emailer. That’s why EmailAnalytics exists.

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