How to add a music widget to the home screen in iPhone?

The process of accessing iPhone widgets used to be time-consuming and lengthy.

But after the recent updates, iPhone widgets are now accessible from the iPhone home screen

So, instead of swiping the entire home screen to access Today’s View, iOS 14 lets you place the widgets with the apps.

how to add music widet in iPhone

However, they still can be accessed from Today’s View, it’s up to you, how do you want to deal with them. Compared to iOS 13 or earlier Widgets, they show more data, are quite colorful and are flexible to your needs.

Therefore, if you’re one of those people who like listening to music then using the smart music widget can help you a lot.

So you can quickly reach the recently played playlist or even open the Music app with a single tap.

How to add a music widget to the home screen in iPhone?

The round edge, Music widget looks cool, depending upon the space, and structure of your home screen, select the widget that fits your need whilst decorate the iPhone.

Apple Music Widget will only show up if the Music app is installed on your iPhone. So if you already have it let’s find out how to add a music widget to the iPhone home screen in iOS 14 or later.

Music Widgets are available in three different sizes, choose one and re-position on the home screen. Plus, the iPhone will show the preview of the widgets, to make it easier while selecting.

  1. First, Long-press the iPhone home screen to activate Jiggle mode.
  2. Click on the Plus button on the top-left corner.
  3. Scroll down to the Music, tap on it.
  4. From the Music Widget card swipe to explore different Sizes and Shapes of the Music Widget.
  5. Tap Add Widget, under the Music Widget of your choice.
  6. Now, reallocate the Music Widget on the iPhone home screen.
  7. Look for the Done, on the upper-right screen.


If you no longer need the Widget, this is how it can be removed from the iPhone home screen.

  • First, click and hold the music widget.
  • Afterward, choose remove widget.
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