How to setup slack to salesforce integration

how to setup slack to salesforce integration

Salesforce is widely recognized as one of the best CRM software options available today, while Slack has become the de facto instant messaging tool for many businesses. In August 2021, Salesforce released a new Slack to Salesforce integration tool, enabling teams to get updates on Salesforce records from within Slack. This allows team members to … Read more

A new NFT token collection launch worth investing!


The artist behind one of the biggest sales in this landmark year for non-fungible tokens has done it again. Migwashere and partners made another seismic ripple in the NFTs universe on September 12, 2021, when they launched the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS). Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Launches Non-Fungible Tokens Collection SVS features a collection of Migwashere’s … Read more

How to use Google Chrome in dark mode easily?

how to turn on dark mode on chrome

Chrome’s dark mode has lots of advantages from Google’s web browser, and it’s easy to use. For mobile users, making the change will help boost battery life. Google itself has confirmed that apps need less battery power for darker interfaces than those with bright, white ones, particularly on devices with OLED displays, where black pixels … Read more

How to delete your Netflix history easily?


Whether you started streaming a bad erotic thriller by accident, or you watched a movie that’s embarrassing in a completely different way, like Oliver Stone’s interminable biopic The Doors, having the flexibility to edit your Netflix history is very welcome. Deleting your Netflix history is nice from a quality-of-life point of view – a show … Read more