How to Lock Images in Google Photos

how to lock google photos

Google just released a new feature in Google Photos that lets you hide your sensitive images from prying eyes. Available first on Pixel devices and later this year on more Android devices, the new Locked Folder allows you to save photos you don’t have. The photos stored there are protected by your device’s screen lock … Read more

Why Am I Shut of My Netflix Account?

Living in isolate for the past anyway numerous months—how long has it been, in any case?— I can consider not many things more terrible  No, they didn’t get Covid. That would be the most dire outcome imaginable. They did, in any case, get bolted out of their Netflix. In the event that that happened to … Read more

How Do I Get Into My Email If I’ve Forgotten My Recovery Codes?

At whatever point you find the opportunity, you should utilize two-factor verification to make sure about your different records. That is an easy decision. In any case, I additionally acknowledge administrations that attempt to improve your record security for your benefit—like, for instance, expecting you to enter an exceptional one-time code to try and reset … Read more

Why Are Siri Suggestions in Safari So Strange?

Search proposals can be extraordinary, diverting, and horrendous at the same time. The aim bodes well: Save you a couple of keystrokes by giving you that which you were most likely importance to type in before you even completion the expression. Also, I figure we would all be able to concur that saving time and … Read more

Best Tips for Getting More and More from LinkedIn

A fairly common question nowadays is “which social network is the greatest? And also to which I usually say – “the one which can help you meet your marketing objectives” – and for the reason that regard, most are great, but for different reasons. I really like several things about LinkedIn. It’s always tended for … Read more