5 Tips for Protecting Your FinTech Data Assets

5 Tips for Protecting Your FinTech Data Assets

Nasdaq’s automated quotations in the mid-seventies and online shopping in the mid-eighties were disruptive technologies for financial field. The latest disruptive fintech innovation, cryptocurrency, is gaining popularity with consumers, businesses and governmental bodies. Large corporations and governments are particularly taking interest in the underlying technology of cryptocurrency known as blockchain. In fact, many organizations have … Read more

Pros and Cons of Apple Private Relay: Should I Use?

Pros and Cons of Apple Private Relay Should I Use

Around September this year, Apple is upgrading all paid iCloud accounts to something it calls Cloud+. This new upgrade will include numerous exciting features over and above the existing iCloud storage, sync, and cloud features. But the most awaited feature is something that Apple calls iCloud Private Relay. This new feature offers additional security in … Read more

How to install Fortnite on Android

How to install Fortnite on Android

Epic Games launched its battle royale hit Fortnite on Android devices in 2018 with a big catch: it was exclusive to Samsung-made phones for a few days as a way to help market the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. At the time, would-be players had to deal with a waiting list and/or a restrictive list … Read more

Best AirPods 3 Deals Live 2021

best deals to buy airpods 3

Apple has announced their new Airpods 3, recently putting all the rumors to rest. Although it has just been unveiled, interested people can order it and expect the first delivery by the 25th of October. The 3rd-generation Airpods comes with a new design and some new features, which brings it on par with the Airpods … Read more

Fix iOS 15 Snapchat Anime Filter: “No Photos Found” & “No Faces” Error on iPhone 2021

How to fix snapchat anime filter

Once again, Snapchat has introduced the new Face Filters, more precisely the Anime Face Filters. Using innovative technology and camera abilities, Snapchat turns your face into an anime character. The Anime Face Filter looks like a Cartoon or hand-drawn picture painted by someone using advanced tools, and it adapts your real face into an animated … Read more