Best Methods to Change Zoom Profile Picture

Zoom is one of the best popular video-conferencing apps where you can host and attend meetings online. It allows the participants to meet other people virtually with their camera.

Profile Picture is a mirror of your Personality, Profession, and Behaviors. So, you must have a good profile picture that you missed While you sign up zoom account using Facebook, Google account, or Skip the option. The process of adding Profile Picture on Zoom is pretty straightforward. With the help of the following methods, you can quickly show a profile picture during a zoom meeting instead of your video.

Method 1: Change Profile Picture Before Joining the Meeting

1. Click the gear icon on the upper-right side of your screen to open your Settings. Alternatively, you can click on your profile icon and select Settings on the menu.

2. Go to the Profile tab.

3. Click your profile icon to add a photo or change your current one.

4. Select Change Picture and choose an image from your device.

5. Make some adjustments with the photo and click Save to apply your new profile picture.

Method 2: Change Profile Picture during Meeting

If you joined a meeting and forgot to add a profile picture earlier, these steps will help you ease the process. Here are the steps to add a profile picture after you have joined a meeting:

1. Join the meeting as per the usual method from either your PC or mobile app.

2. Select your video preview screen with a right-click.

3. Stop the video, and your photo will appear.

Method 3: Enable Profile Picture in a Zoom Meeting instead of the Video

This method will guide you through updating a profile picture and disabling your video. You can also switch on your video at times, and the profile picture will automatically appear as soon as you disable the video. Here are easy steps you can follow:

1. Launch the Zoom app on your Android or iPhone to do so.

2. Now, at the bottom, select the Settings tab. Select your name by tapping it.

3. Select an image from your collection or take a new one on the Profile photo.

4. Before joining a meeting, either turn off your video or deactivate it. You may also tap the Stop Video option at the bottom of a conference.


Method 4: Edit or Delete your profile picture on Zoom

You can follow the steps mentioned below and successfully remove or edit it.

To Delete or Remove your Profile Picture:

1. If you can’t delete the display photo from the Zoom phone apps, you may use the website.

2. Navigate to for further process. Use your Zoom profile to log in.

3. Select My Account at the top of the page. Then, beneath your photo, click Delete.

To Edit your Profile Picture:

1. To begin, launch the Zoom app and choose your initials in the top-right corner. Click on “Change My Picture” from the options.

2. You’ll be sent to the Zoom online version. Select Change from the photo icon.

3. Next, choose Upload and select a photo to upload. Adjust the image to focus the area you want to focus attention on. Finally, save your work by using the Save button.

4. After you’ve saved the Zoom desktop software, open it. Your photo may be seen in the top-right corner.

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